13 years of love.. The torture that Kamal gave to Gautami’s daughter.. The celebrity exposed..!

Actor Kamal Haasan has been an important actor in Tamil cinema since childhood. It is known to many that Kamal Haasan, who is very interested in acting, took the opportunity to show himself to AV Meiyappa Chettiar.

In other words, Kamal Haasan was the one who thought that Tamil cinema should continue to bring alternative cinema. He used to act in many new movies for that. Even so, the reception for Kamal’s action films has always been high.

Alternative Cinema:

At present, even the film Vikram, in which he acted, received a rapturous response. After that, Kamal Haasan is currently acting in a movie called Thak Life directed by Mani Ratnam.

Kamal Haasan

Meanwhile Kamal Haasan’s personal life remains a matter of controversy. Throughout Kamal’s youth in cinema, there have been a lot of gossip about Kamal Haasan.

Childhood Controversies:

Kamal Haasan has been a controversial figure to that extent. Actress Gautami is one of the actresses who fell in love with Kamal Haasan in cinema. Actress Gauthami and Kamal Haasan lived together for almost 13 years.

At that time Gautami had a serious health problem and even then Kamal Haasan did not abandon Gautami and did all the services for her. Despite all this, Gautami broke up with Kamal Haasan after a period of time.

Division of Pairs:

It was a matter of shock to many in the film industry. It was questionable why couples who lived together so lovingly separated.

kamal gauthami

At that time, when Gautami was asked the reason for this, she emphatically said that she was separating from Kamal for the safety of my daughter. Has Kamal Haasan violated Gautami’s daughter as he does with actresses? Talks started coming among the people about this.

Press Talk:

Speaking about this in an interview to journalist Seguar, Gautami says that she separated from Kamal because of her daughter’s safety. Kamale has previously married two men and separated from them and lived a living together life with Gautami.

In that case, Gautami should have had the responsibility of having a girl child while living with someone without marriage.

He should not be living with Kamal unmarried and how can a person who lives with you see your child as his daughter, asks journalist Sekuar.

So he has also said that Gautami should tell people the clear reason about her separation from Kamal Haasan.


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