28 people died in Gujarat fire accident.. No rules were followed in Ambalam.. Bagir Information

28 people died in Gujarat fire accident No rules were

Rajkot: When 28 people including 9 children died in a fire in a gaming zone in Gujarat, it was revealed that the company had set up a gaming hall without following any regulations.

In Rajkot, Gujarat, there was a huge amusement park named TRP Gaming Zone. There are separate centers for playing video games, water sports, cricket and many other sports. Also, there are restaurants. Because of this, hundreds of people come and play here every day.

In that way, when many people were playing here last night, suddenly a fire broke out in one area. The fire had spread throughout the sports center before the occupants could reach it. 28 people, including 9 children, were charred to death in this tragic accident. This incident has caused great shocks across the country.

In this case, the investigations conducted by the police have revealed many startling incidents. That is, it has been revealed that the sports center has never procured an unobstructed certificate of fire safety features. Moreover, there was only one exit in this sports center. Any construction above a certain height should have at least 3 or 4 exit points. But the sports center built on about 2 acres has only one exit. According to the police, this is the main reason why so many people die in fire accidents. Subsequently, the police are investigating the owners of the sports center. It is said that they may be arrested.


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