4 crore rupees caught in Tambaram! Summons to Nayanar Nagendran!

Nainar Nagendran

Chennai: CBCID has issued summons to 4 people including Nayanar Nagendran in the case of seizure of Rs 4 crore by election flying squads at Tambaram railway station.

On April 6, when the Lok Sabha election rules were in full force in Tamil Nadu, the election flying forces confiscated 4 crore rupees in 6 bags from 3 people who were traveling in an express train that was about to leave Nella from Chennai, Tambaram railway station. Satish, Naveen and Perumal who carried it were interrogated.

At that time it was reported that the above 3 persons were working in a restaurant owned by Nayanar Nagendran in Chennai. Further investigation revealed that they had traveled on the train tickets of MLA Kota of Nayanar Nagendran.

The case of seizure of Rs 4 crore was taken over by CBCID last April. After that the investigation was intensified and summons were issued to Nayanar Nagendran, BJP executive Kesava Vinayak and others. But he has avoided appearing in person citing various reasons. Also, Nayanar Nagendran was continuing a case in the High Court against this summons. However, the case was dismissed and he was asked to appear in person for the hearing.

Following this, it has been reported that 4 CBCID police have summoned Tirunelveli BJP candidate Nayanar Nagendran, BJP organization general secretary Kesava Vinayak, BJP IT wing administrator Govardhan and Nayanar Nagendran’s assistant Manikandan today. All 4 of them have been mentioned in the summons to appear in person at the CBCID office in Egmore, Chennai, the day after tomorrow (May 31).


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