400 plus for NDA alliance… BJP has crossed the majority now… JP Natta election prediction!

400 plus for NDA alliance BJP has crossed the majorityOnly 8 more days. Counting of votes will be held on 4th June and who will win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections with a single majority? Which coalition is going to grab the chair? It will be known. Though BJP claimed 400 plus at the beginning of the 7 phase elections, the campaign strategy changed in subsequent phases. They promoted Hindutva politics very seriously. Kai moved to harvest Hindu votes. So far 6 phases have been completed.

Interview with JP Natta

The last round of elections will be held on June 1. In this case, the BJP National President JP Natta, who gave an exclusive interview to the Times of India, said that the BJP has already crossed the majority mark. After completion of all 7 phases, BJP alone will win 370 seats. In the case of the National Democratic Alliance, it will exceed 400. Because the wave of support for the BJP-led alliance is continuing across the country. People trust Narendra Modi. So a vote for BJP will make Modi PM again.

Prime Minister Modi Alai

It is the opposition parties who are running false propaganda. It was Modi’s leadership that helped the BJP in this election. People believe that Modi has sown seeds for social and political change. The welfare schemes brought by the central government have started to be taken up in a big way. Before 2014 there was a big difference between governance and political leadership. But everything changed after Modi came. We have made a huge impact against regional parties in state elections including Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Swati Maliwal Affair

Modi is responsible for all this. This time in Tamil Nadu, BJP will surely win in some places. He said he can see it in Kerala too. Aam Aadmi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal has been criticized by many as an agent of the BJP. On that question, I see that the urban Naxals are acting covertly in this matter. Making false propaganda and spreading falsehood is their skill. The opposition parties who say they will eradicate corruption are drowning in the same corruption.

Caste parties

He said that Arvind Kejriwal’s true face has been revealed to the people in the Swati Maliwal issue. Talking about Uttar Pradesh state election situation, Samajwadi and Bahujan Samaj are caste based parties. They said BJP will not win in 2019 itself. But won alone in 62 seats. This time also there are such opportunities. In 2024 Lok Sabha elections, 90 percent of the things predicted by the BJP will happen. I don’t deny that there will be strong competition in some places.

Mamata is washed out

But nothing bad. One last thing. West Bengal will help us a lot to achieve the mega target of 370. Mamata Banerjee will be completely washed out there. BJP will win 18 seats in Odisha. We will win by double digits in Telangana. In Andhra too, our alliance will be a resounding success. JP Natta mentioned that the BJP wave is also in North East and North India.


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