4,00,000 dollar loan.! The boss killed the employee who cut off his head.

It has now been discovered that an American employee beheaded his employer in 2020 to avoid being asked to repay a $400,000 loan.

In January 2020, Tyrus Hospital, a young man from Bangladesh, joined Fahim Saleh, a 33-year-old young businessman from America. Tyrese has been working at the hospital as a personal assistant handling Saleh’s financial and personal affairs.

The current final investigation has revealed that Tyrus Hospital, which has been involved in various financial frauds since its inception, has embezzled approximately USD 400,000. Tyrese Hasbil also had a girlfriend. Fearing that his financial manipulation will cost him his job and his French girlfriend Marine Chavez will break up, Tyrese decides to kill or commit suicide at the hospital.

Then he planned to kill his boss, and for that, in July 2020, he called Fahim Saleh to his apartment building and stabbed Anga Saleh to death, and then cut his head, hands and feet into pieces. Then he hid it. In this murder case, Tyrus Hasbil, who was arrested in the early stages, has just now (May 24) been argued by Fahim Saleh’s lawyers in the US court in New York.

Fahim Saleh’s relatives, who thought he was missing, searched for him in various places and later found a headless body in his apartment. They later confirmed that it was Fahim Saleh.

At present, Fahim Saleh’s arguments in the New York court have been completed. The US media is reporting that if convicted of this murder, he would have been sentenced to 20 years in prison anyway in a New York courthouse.


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