46 degree heat in Rajasthan…Soldier bakes waffles in the sand: Viral video

In Rajasthan’s Bikaner, a video of a Border Security Force soldier smashing waffles in the sand in 46-degree heat is going viral on social media.

A video of a Border Security Force (BSF) jawan roasting waffles covered with sand in Rajasthan’s Bikaner has surfaced on social media as heatwaves swelter in northwest India. Bikaner is one of the hottest cities in Rajasthan. This year the temperature is scorching past 46 degrees Celsius.

In a video shared on the X page FrontalForce (@FrontalForce), a uniformed Border Security Force (BSF) soldier, masked and holding a rifle, hides a waffle under the sand. He waits a few seconds, removes the sand and breaks the sun-baked waffle into pieces. This shows that Border Security Force personnel are engaged in security operations despite the scorching heat of the sun.

About this video “Salute to our jawans. “PSF jawan fries a waffle on the sand in Bikaner, Rajasthan, serving the motherland at the border,” the X page said.

More than 39 thousand people have seen this video on X page. The video garnered a lot of reactions as social media users flocked to congratulate the PSF jawan for working in the scorching heat.

A user replied, “Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Parmar in the western part of Rajasthan is one of the hottest and toughest areas to be protected by PSF. The weather and isolated terrain is extremely difficult. PSF is the guardian of the desert.

Another user commented, “It’s very difficult for them to stand in such harsh conditions. Salute to Jawan.” posted that.

The India Meteorological Department has predicted severe heatwave conditions in most parts of northwest India till May 25. The Meteorological Department has issued a red alert for heatwave for Jodhpur and Bikaner, while Pilani has predicted a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius in the next 28 hours.


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