5 exciting matches that went to the last ball in the T20 World Cup!

T20I : Now let’s have a look at the summary of the top 5 matches in the history of T20 World Cup that went briskly till the last ball.

The training matches of the 20 Over World Cup, which will start from June 1, are going to be held on one side. In this case, the ICC has recorded the 5 most lively matches in the history of the T20 World Cup on their X (X) site. Let’s look at the summary of the candidates.

Netherlands vs England (2009)

In this match held in 2009 at the 5th place, England batted first and scored 162 runs losing 5 wickets. After that, the Netherlands team, who came into batting as a win if they score 165, will stumble by losing 4 wickets in their first 4 overs.

After that Tom de Groot’s poor batting (49 off 30 balls) will take the Netherlands team to the end. With 2 runs needed from the last 1 ball, Dutch batsmen will hit it in the hand and run for the 2nd run after successful 1 run. Then the fielder would throw the ball in his hand somewhere due to which the Netherlands would register a huge win at Lord’s.

Sri Lanka vs India (2010)

In this match, the Indian team set a target of 164 runs for Sri Lanka due to the action of Gautam Gambhir and Suresh Raina. The Sri Lankan team, who started the batting well, slipped out of hand at one stage, but the action of Samara Kapugedara (37 runs from 16 balls) would have won the Sri Lankan team. Especially with 3 runs needed off the last ball, Kabugedara would have won by hitting a six.

Ireland vs Zimbabwe (2014)

In a league match held in 2014, Zimbabwe batted first and scored 163 runs. After that, the Irish team, who came out to bat, stumbled and added runs one by one. Thus, the competition will be intense till the end.

With 1 run required in the last ball, the ball goes to the keeper and the batsman misses the ball, but the batsmen run. Ireland would have won by 3 wickets in a thriller if the keeper had missed the ball and not run out.

Zimbabwe vs Netherlands (2014)

In another match between the two in the same league, the Netherlands lost to Zimbabwe just as Zimbabwe lost to Ireland. Batting first in this match, the Netherlands team will have scored 140 runs. After that, the Zimbabwean team, who came out to bat, would have taken the runs slowly.

With 7 runs needed in the final over, it will be a very thrilling match. Zimbabwe scored 6 runs off the first 5 balls and need 1 run off the last ball. Chimanta, who was in the field at that time, hit the ball for a six and let Zimbabwe win. This is also an unforgettable match.

India vs Pakistan (2022)

The India-Pakistan match is always a thriller and in that way, the Pakistan team batted first and scored 160 runs in the league match of the T20 World Cup held in the year 2022. Chasing down the target of 161, the batsmen of the Indian team were in a row. Virat Kohli was the only person on the field to torment the Pakistani bowlers.

Hardik Pandya, who was paired with him at one point, will also stand and play with him. With 16 runs needed in the last over, the match will be very lively and Virat Kohli will have the match in hand with 13 runs needed from exactly 3 balls.

After that with 1 run needed off 1 ball, Ashwin hits that ball for a four and keeps it to win. This match is considered by the fans to be the biggest thriller in T20 history.


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