80 lakh liter milk storage

The van owners went on a sudden strike this morning as the rent for the vans operating on contract basis in the Trichy Kottapatu company was pending for about two months. Thus 80 Lakh liters of milk supply was disrupted.

Later on At the end of the negotiations conducted by the authorities, The van owners withdrew their protest.

Details about this are as follows;

For two months, the rent for the vans that bring milk packets from Aavin’s company to Trichy has not been paid. Due to rent arrears contract van drivers did not pick up the milk this morning approx 80 Lakh liters of milk was stored in Aavin’s company.

The van owners mentioned that the rent arrears for each van is at least Rs 1 lakh. Past 11 It is noteworthy that this is the fifth time a protest has been held in a month.

Following this sudden protest, the administrative officers of Aavin held talks with the van drivers.


this morning 11 Over the clock 15 They assured that the daily rent would be paid compulsorily. After this, Van The drivers’ strike was called off temporarily.

Then the agents came directly to Aa’s company and took the required milk to their respective shops.

Milk supply was completely disrupted in Trichy this morning due to the protest of van drivers, causing inconvenience to the public.

District Collector to find a permanent solution to such a struggle The owners of the milk vans have appealed for negotiations.


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