Parliamentary election vote count: Security operations intensified in Coimbatore

2024 Parliamentary elections were held across India in seven phases. In this In Tamil Nadu April as the first step 19 Voting was completed on

Following the completion of voting in the Coimbatore parliamentary constituency, all electronic voting machines were kept under tight security at the Government College of Technology on Tadagam Road.

Tomorrow Counting of parliamentary elections is going to be held across the country. In view of this, work is being done vigorously.

Accordingly, the police have engaged in intensive security work at the Coimbatore Government College of Technology.

At the counting center from 100 No party or public will be allowed to the meter aAboutTal Barricades are also kept ready to set up barricades.

For Coimbatore Lok Sabha Constituency 123 Counting observers 123 Counting Assistants 127 Micro-inspectors have also been appointed.

Vote counting observers have also been appointed for the Coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency.

At the same time, the last day of training was also given to the officers involved in the counting of votes at the Coimbatore Municipal Auditorium. District Collector / Returning Officer who came here was Krantikumar, and Election Commission High Officers to the officers engaged in counting of votes They also instructed how to act.


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