Conditional bail to ex-professor Kalashetra arrested in sex complaint – ICourt orders

Conditional bail to ex professor Kalashetra arrested in sex complaint

A student of the Kalashetra Dance School from 1995 – 2001 has filed a complaint alleging former professor Sreejith Krishna sexually harassed her. Based on this complaint, Srijith Krishna was arrested by Neelangara police on May 22.

Sreejith Krishna filed a petition in the Madras High Court seeking bail in the case. This petition Judge T.V. Tamilselvi came to trial earlier. At that time, senior lawyer John Sathyan, who appeared on behalf of the petitioner, argued that, “Nothing can be proved medically in this matter which is said to have happened 28 years ago.

Also, the police have not taken Sreejith Krishna into custody and interrogated him since his arrest. Many students are said to have been victimized but no one reported it except this student. Sreejith Krishna’s counsel argued that this complaint has been filed to tarnish his reputation.

The lawyer appearing for the woman who filed the sexual complaint said that if Sreejith Krishna is granted bail, other victims will not come forward to report. The lawyer, appearing for the police, opposed the grant of bail saying that another woman had also lodged a complaint against Sreejith Krishna and others were planning to file a complaint.

After hearing these arguments, the judge granted bail to former Kalashetra professor Sreejith Krishna. He also ordered that if he wants to go abroad, he should get permission from the trial court.


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