A video of a young man riding a motorbike over the barricade in Tiruchirappalli, Trichy has gone viral on social media!

A video of a young man riding a motorbike over

A few days ago Emperor Perumbidugu Mutharaiyar Sadaya Festival was celebrated with much fanfare in Trichy district.

Honor by wearing garlands
Various organizations, including political parties, paid their respects to the statue of Emperor Perumbidugu Mutharaiyar, which has been set up in the Trichy Cantonment Odhakadadi area.
In that way, many youths from that community took a procession on motorbikes and vehicles and paid their respects by wearing garlands.

Youth adventure
Despite the restrictions imposed by the police, a few youths who went on a motorbike and went on various adventures on the road have made the public frown. Now the related videos and photos are released.

The young man drove over the barricade
In this case, a video of a young man riding a motorbike on top of the retaining wall in the middle of the Kollidam river bridge in Tollgate No. 1 area near Samayapuram is currently going viral on social media.

Strict action
This incident has created a furore among the public and social activists. Social activists and public are expressing their opinions that the police department should take strict action against the people involved in such activities.

The video went viral
Now the video of the youth riding a motorbike over the barricade is going viral on social media. As the video went viral, the police are investigating the matter.


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