Absenteeism in the House adjourned the debate

As there was not enough moderator to carry out the proceedings of the assembly, the adjournment of the assembly brought by the opposition parties was stopped in the middle and the assembly proceedings were adjourned to the upcoming 04th of June.

Parliament met on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Speaker Mahinda Yappa Abeywardhana. Minister Prasanna Ranatunga, the Chief Whip of the ruling party, tabled bills related to public financial management and economic transformation in the House.

Submitted. Following this, Parliament was adjourned and the debate on the adjournment motion began.
Laxman Kiriella, Chief Whip of the Opposition moved the adjournment motion in the House on various issues including the country’s economy, legislation and law and order. The motion was moved by United People’s Power Member of Parliament Mujibur Rahman. While the debate on the adjournment motion was held from morning to 04.15 pm, the ruling party MP Madura Vithanage raised an issue of order and said that there are not enough members in the council to continue the proceedings and that the moderator should be investigated.

Following this, Jagat Samarawickrama, who presided over the meeting, announced that a quorum would be called to investigate the conduct of the meeting. There were not enough members present to ring the quorum bell for five minutes. Due to this, the discussion was stopped in the middle of the adjournment of the House and the proceedings of the House were adjourned till next month 04


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