Action should not be taken against doctors who stick ‘doctor’ stickers on their vehicles; Chennai High Court order

Action should not be taken against doctors who stick stickers on their vehicles Chennai The High Court passed an interim order.

The Chennai Traffic Police has announced that police, government, media, lawyer, doctor etc. stickers should not be pasted on private vehicles and a fine will be imposed if violated. Srinivasan, General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Medical Association had filed a petition in the Chennai High Court demanding that doctors be exempted from this notification.

The petition came up for hearing today before Justice Balaji. At that time, it was argued by the petitioner that the doctors were not involved in any violation and because of the announcement that ‘Doctor’ stickers should not be affixed on the vehicle, there was a problem in the doctors making emergency trips for work. Ambulance has been exempted by the government. It said that there is no place in the law to give a separate exemption to doctors.

Then the judge said, “May the government ask the National Medical Commission for its opinion on giving doctors the same sticker as the Bar Council gives to lawyers?” He questioned. Subsequently, the government argued that the National Medical Commission and the Tamil Nadu Medical Council should be merged in this case. Subsequently, the judge ordered the petitioner to connect the Medical Commission of India and the Tamil Nadu Medical Council and adjourned the hearing of the case to June 14.

Until then, the judge ordered that no action be taken against the doctors who stick the stickers on their vehicles, saying that this is a temporary order and the final order will be issued after hearing the arguments of the Medical Council. At the same time, the judge also said in his order that the police can take action if the ‘doctor’ sticker is misused.


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