Actor Simbu to marry famous actor’s daughter..? Do you know how much is the dowry?

Son of multi-talented T Rajendran in the screen world, Simbu alias Silambarasan is known as Little Superstar by his fans.

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Actor Simbu is multi-talented like his father. He has created a fan base for himself by acting in many Tamil films.

Actor Simbu..

Many fans are always eagerly waiting to watch Simbu’s movie after seeing his amazing performance.

In that way, he made a re-entry with the recently released film Vendu Tanantha Kadu. The film was a huge success at the box office and gave Simbu’s screen career a boost.

He had already acted before this film, the film Kandere was also a mass success and then he showed his mature performance in the film Batu Thala and amazed the fans.

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Needless to say about the gossips that were shared with various actresses while acting in the cinema.

He was also addicted to alcohol and was labeled as a badass when it came to women.

After this, he has been unmarried till date and has been focusing on movies.

Is he marrying the daughter of a famous actor..

In this situation, many things that the girl can see for Simbu, Silambarasan’s father, have surfaced on the internet over the years, surprising the fans.

But the latest information about Simbu who is living without marrying any woman till date has shocked the fans.

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This is because the news that actor Simbu is going to marry a famous Telugu actor’s daughter soon has surfaced on the internet.

Do you know how much is the dowry alone?

The important thing is that the bride whom Simbu is going to marry is not only a doctor but also an ardent fan of Simbu and the news has spread like wild fire among the fans.

After this, while it is said that Simbu and the woman who is a doctor will get married soon, the news has given everyone an opportunity to say that they are going to give about 1000 crores as dowry to marry Simbu.

And this information is currently being talked about in the national media. But till now, no official information has come out from either side.

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However, this matter, which is not an official matter, has been made a topic of constant discussion by all the fans.

Some fans still want Simbu to get married soon and settle down. Because they say with concern that if a day goes by, an age will go by.

After this, it is not an exaggeration to say that the housewives are also eagerly waiting for the marriage of Simbu, who is seen as a child in the homes of the people of Tamil Nadu.


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