Actress Sukanya in Minister’s embrace..! The actress broke her silence about the information that spread like wildfire..!

You know very well about the actress Sukanya who has acted in South Indian languages ​​like Tamil Malayalam Kannada Telugu and has made a place for herself in the hearts of her fans.

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Born Karthi Devi, she was introduced to the Tamil screen world as Sukanya by Bharathiraja in the film Pudu Nellu Pudu Nathu.

Actress Sukanya..

Actress Sukanya has been working in the South Indian film world for more than 15 years and before joining the screen, she hosted a Pepsi show on Pothikai TV.

Films like Chinna Counter, Thirumati Palaniswami, Senthamil, Song Pledge, Chinna Mappillai, Chinna Zameen, Walter Vetrivel, Sibling, Mahanadi, Captain Duet, Indian Senadipati Mahaprabhu, Gnanapazham, showed his acting skills to the outside world.

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She has acted with many leading actors like Sarathkumar Sathyaraj, Raghuman Kamal Haasan, Vijayakanth Prabhu Karthik, who were the leading actors in Tamil and has won the Film Baer Award for Best Actress five times.

Actress in Minister’s embrace..

While still a leading actress in the cinema, Sukanya married Sridhar Rajagopal from America in 2002 and got a legal divorce after a difference of opinion.

Famous journalist and screen critic Bailwan Ranganathar has said that she was a famous actress in the 90s and had a secret relationship with a famous politician after her divorce.

In a recent interview to answer this talk, it can be said that actress Sukanya’s national talk can put an end to any rumours.

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At the time of that interview, I filed for divorce after one year of marriage to Sridhar Rajagopal. But it was only after a few years that I got a divorce.

It has become viral on the internet that some people are using this space to spread unwanted news.

Sukanya broke the silence and spoke..

After this, the actress Sukanya, who was silent for a long time, now has no relationship with the politician, and now the interview has gone viral.

There were rumors that actress Sukanya was in the embrace of a former minister, but actress Sukanya is keeping silent about it.

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In this case, all the fans have listened to Sukanya’s speech and are saying that it is better for Bailwan to stop spreading such rumors without any evidence.

It will be known in the coming days whether he will understand this and take action or whether he will blow the news in such a way that there is no evidence as usual and choke the internet.


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