Adjustment at the age of 13.. I acted in Hatred.. Actress Sukanya..!

Actress Sukanya made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema in the year 1991 with the film Budhu Nellu Pudu Nathu. She has acted as heroine in all languages ​​across South India like Tamil Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu.

But actress Sukanya has acted in maximum number of films in Tamil and started acting in films and won awards in her third film.

First Image Opportunity:

It was the 1992 film Chinna Counter that became a landmark for him even though he acted in many films after that.

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The period from 1992 to 1996 was the period when more opportunities came to Sukanya. He acted in many films during those times. Sukanya is one of the actresses who came to act in films at a very young age in Tamil cinema.

Cinema at an early age:

She made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema at the age of 12. Actress Sukanya has acted in many movies in Malayalam as well as in Tamil. He has acted in nine films in Telugu and two in Kannada.

Sukanya has also sung a few songs. In an interview, Sukanya shared some interesting things about the experience of the film Chinna Counter.

Small Counter Experience:

sukanya 1 1

The movie Chinna Counter was released in 1992. It is said in the interview that Sukanya was only 13 years old when she acted in it. Sukanya says that I didn’t know that I was playing the heroine in the film at first, but only after half of the film was over, I knew that I was the heroine in it.

In one of the scenes in the film, there will be a scene where Sukanya will be slapped on the navel. I was very nervous while shooting that scene. At first I said I would never act in it.

There were three assistant directors standing there watching the recursion on my navel. Anu Haasan, my co-star at the time, said that she had to adjust to a few things.

When it came to the scene, director RV Udayakumar had brought the scene in a way that everyone could enjoy without being obscene, says Sukanya.


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