Am I in Prime Minister Modi’s biopic? Satyaraj explained!

Satyaraj: Actor Sathyaraj has clarified the rumor that he will act in a biopic on Prime Minister Modi.

The biopic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to be made into a movie, and Satyaraj will be playing the role of Prime Minister Modi in this movie, so that a big company is planning to make a biopic of Prime Minister Modi, and it has become very viral.

Is this information true or not? Is Satyaraj playing Modi in the film? As many people have been raising the question on social media, now Sathyaraj has given an explanation. In an interview to a media, he said, “I saw the news that he is acting in a biopic of Prime Minister Modi.

I know that news as a news. No one has approached me to act in a biopic on Prime Minister Modi. People spread random news on social media. Rumor has it that I am playing Modi. If someone approaches me for a Modi biopic, I will think about the opportunity to play such a role.

Many such rumors are already spreading, please don’t spread false news. People please don’t believe such rumours. Actor Sathyaraj has explained the rumor that he will act in the Modi biopic.


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