Annamalai debacle.. DMK who offered grilled goat biryani in Coimbatore.. but very mischievous

Annamalai debacle DMK who offered grilled goat biryani in Coimbatore

Coimbatore: After the defeat of Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai in the Coimbatore parliamentary constituency, DMK members celebrated by serving mutton biryani to the people.

Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has been given the title of Aadu by the DMK. Once reporters asked Annamalai, “How much property do you have?” Annamalai said, “I have only two goats. I don’t even own a house.” Since then, the DMK has been taunting him as a goat.

In this context, BJP state president Annamalai contested in the Coimbatore Lok Sabha seat. Right from the time he was announced as a candidate, the DMK campaigners in the constituency used to go with a lamb in hand. Also, on the day the election results are announced in Coimbatore, the DMK said that goat (Annamalai) would become biryani and they would serve it to the people.

Accordingly, votes were counted in Coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency today. Right from the beginning, BJP candidate Annamalai faced setbacks. Then the election results were announced around 6 pm. DMK candidate Ganapathi Rajkumar won by a landslide by getting 4,18,825 votes. BJP candidate Annamalai got 3,34,695 votes and lost by a margin of 1 lakh votes.

The very next moment when Annamalai was declared lost, the DMK offered the mutton biryani they had brought to the public for roasting. Goovi Goovi offered biryani saying “Buy it. Goat biryani is served”.


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