Appavu Slams PM Modi Over What is wrong if Tamilians contest in Odisha : Only Modi can do that.. What is wrong if Tamilians contest in Odisha?

Along with the Lok Sabha elections, the Assembly elections are also going on in the state of Odisha. Naveen Patnaik-led ruling Biju Janata Dal, BJP and Congress are campaigning hard.

Speaking at a rally a few days ago, Prime Minister Modi criticized the Puri Jagannath Temple treasure room key for being lost and sent to Tamil Nadu.

He indirectly criticized VK Pandiyan, a Tamil and a close aide of Naveen Patnaik, who is currently dominating the government and the ruling party in Odisha. Similarly, Amit Shah had also criticized Odisha whether a Tamil could rule it. Meanwhile, there has been strong opposition in Tamil Nadu that Prime Minister Modi’s speech portrays Tamils ​​as thieves.

Speaking to the media in Chengalpattu today, Speaker Appavu said, “VK Pandian from Tamil Nadu was working as an IAS officer in Odisha and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was working as private secretary. Now, after resigning from his post, he has joined the Biju Janata Party and is assisting the Chief Minister. No one said that he is the chief ministerial candidate.

I don’t know if the key was lost in the Puri Jagannath Temple. But PM Modi says he took the key and hid it in Tamil Nadu. Is it fair for a high-ranking Prime Minister to talk rudely about Tamil, the people of Tamil Nadu, who are a part of India?” He questioned.
Pointing out that Prime Minister Modi, who was born in Gujarat state, is contesting in Uttar Pradesh state, Appavu said, “What is wrong if a person from Tamil Nadu contests elections in Odisha? There is nothing wrong with that. Similarly, they go to Uttar Pradesh and say that the people of Tamil Nadu are against you. Is this fair? The Prime Minister should speak the truth. He emphasized that we should speak for the unity of India.

Also, “Prime Minister is showing anger towards the people of Tamilnadu as the reason for formation of India alliance was Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin. The prime minister is using harsh words because the India alliance has grown and won the elections and formed a government at the centre: he also alleged.


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