Are you a 4-6pm snacker? … Stop it : This is what doctors say

Even our favorite time to eat those hot samosas or crispy wafers is tea time – usually between 4-6pm. But by doing so, we are doing our health a great disservice.

Those two hours are our biggest enemy, according to longevity biohacker Prashant Desai, who explains: “You start your day well because you’ve rested enough, eaten breakfast and gone to work.

The first seven or eight hours of your day are the most motivating and productive. But by 4 p.m., that discipline fades and you start snacking. This habit carries over to dinner and late-night snacks. To stay healthy, avoid eating between 4pm and 6pm,” Desai said on Instagram.

A glass of water, buttermilk at 3.30 pm Or he suggested drinking lemon water.

“If you’re still hungry, have some pulses with black coffee or black tea or drink a protein shake,” said Desai, adding that these tips will help you maintain discipline and stay on track between 4pm and 6pm.

Dr. Vinoda Kumari, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jindal NatureCure Institute, says there are many reasons why snacking between 4 and 6 pm can be troublesome.

“First, it’s almost dinner time, which can encourage excessive fasting and later disrupt your appetite for healthy food.

Second, snacks eaten during this time are often high in fats, sweets, and calories, all of which lead to energy depletion and weight gain.

Also, having an afternoon snack can block your body’s natural hunger signals, making it more difficult to recognize real hunger signals in the future,” said Dr Kumari.

Therefore, he recommends choosing “light, nutrient-dense foods that provide sustained energy and satiety.” “Think of choices like roasted chana, makhanas or wholegrain crackers like nari, fresh fruit and almonds,” Dr Kumari told, adding that these options provide a good proportion of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. You feel full and satisfied until dinner.

“In naturopathy, we recommend having dinner early so there is no need for heavy snacks said Dr. Kumari.


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