Are you single or committed? Shruti Haasan broke the truth!

Posted inAre you single or committed? Shruti Haasan broke the truth!

Actress Shruti Haasan, the elder daughter of Universal hero Kamal Haasan, is seen as a popular young actress by acting in various films in Tamil and Telugu. Even though she has acted in various super hit movies in Tamil, she is seen as a popular actress in Telugu cinema.

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Even though he entered the cinema with the help of his father, he managed to maintain his own position due to his talent. Actual fact. Apart from acting, she is an excellent singer and has also sung songs for many films in Tamil cinema.

Meanwhile, actress Shruti Haasan, who was in love with Shantanu Hazarika, was living with him in Mumbai. Later, the news that she had broken up with him went viral on social media.

In a recent Instagram conversation with fans, a fan asked whether you are single or committed. To this, Shruti Haasan said, “I am a Sinha now. I am ready to mingle with someone else.”


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