Attention fishermen: 135 km in the Bay of Bengal today. A hurricane may blow at speed.!

Chennai: A warning has been issued to fishermen as Cyclone Remal, which has formed in the Bay of Bengal, is about to cross the coast tomorrow, with winds of up to 135 kilometers per hour.

The deep low pressure area that prevailed in the Central West and adjoining South Bay of Bengal areas yesterday moved in the northeast direction and strengthened as a low pressure zone and prevailed in the Central Bay of Bengal areas at 5.30 am yesterday.

It moved in a northeasterly direction and centered about 730 km south-southwest of Bangladesh-Kepuppara and about 750 km south of Canning, West Bengal at 8.30 am today. It will move further northeastwards and intensify into a cyclonic storm, likely to prevail over East Bay of Bengal this morning.

The Indian Meteorological Department has given the information that this storm has also been named Remal storm. It is moving in the north direction, it is predicted to strengthen as a severe storm tonight, and it is predicted that it may cross Bangladesh and the adjoining West Bengal coast as a severe storm tomorrow midnight.

Warning to Fishermen:

In this case, from today till tomorrow evening, cyclonic winds of 60 to 90 kmph with occasional speed of 110 kmph are likely to blow in the Middle East and adjoining North Bay of Bengal, after that cyclonic winds of 90 to 120 kmph with intermittent speed of 135 kmph.

Cyclonic winds with a speed of 45 to 55 kmph and occasional speed of 65 kmph are likely to occur over South Bay of Bengal, other parts of Central East, Midwest and North Bay of Bengal.

Fishermen are advised not to go to the above areas as cyclonic winds of 35 to 45 kmph and occasional gusts of 55 kmph are expected in the Andaman Sea areas. Also, deep sea fishermen have been advised to return to shore immediately.


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