Bangladeshi MP cut into pieces? Exciting CCTV footage released…

West Bengal: It is said that in the CCTV footage released in the case of the murder of Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim, his body may have been hidden and transported.

On May 12, Bangladesh Awami League MP Anwarul Asim Anar came to India for medical treatment. Anar, who was staying at his friend Gopal Biswas’ house in Kolkata, West Bengal, left on the 13th saying he was going to Delhi. Since then his friend had reported him missing.

As Anwarul Asim went missing on the 14th, the search for him intensified. There were reports that Anwarul Asim Anar may have been murdered in New Town, West Bengal. Bangladesh Foreign Minister Asadhusman Khan confirmed Asim’s death.

Now many startling information regarding this murder has been made available. Anwarul Asim’s body is still missing. The West Bengal investigative body investigating the case has intensified its investigation as it is possible that his body was cut into pieces and put in a suitcase and disposed of.

According to the CCTV footage, Anwarul Asim was spotted in an apartment complex in New Town, West Bengal. Thus, it is suspected that he was murdered in that apartment, his body was skinned, cut up and disposed of in various pieces in plastic bags.

The West Bengal Intelligence Service suspects that Anwarul Azim was dragged into a New Town apartment by a woman and then killed by the killers, and a woman named Shilasti Rahman has been arrested in this connection, Bangladeshi news agency The Daily Star reported.

According to the PTI news agency, the preliminary investigation revealed that Anwarul Asim’s close friend Akhtaruzzaman Shaheen, an American citizen, had paid around Rs 5 crore to the killers. It is said that the West Bengal Intelligence Department has also arrested Jihad Hawlatar, who is believed to be the murderer in this case and 4 more people are involved in this murder.


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