Bedroom scene with Samantha.. Watch what Naga Chaitanya did.. Viral video..!

Before actress Samantha fell in love with and married her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya, she was in love with Siddharth, who was a popular actor in Tamil cinema.

It was said that he was living with him in the living life. When all the fans expected that she was going to marry him, Samantha went to Telugu cinema and continued to act in various hit films.

Samantha romance with Siddharth:

There his market was spoken of as Ohonnu. Not only that, Samantha continues to be the highest paid actress in Telugu.

samantha siddharth

At that time, she ditched Siddharth and started dating Naga Chaitanya, a popular young actor and successor actor in Telugu.

Samantha was in love with him for 8 consecutive years. After that, they got married in 2017 with the consent of the parents of both Vitars.

8 years relationship with Naga Chaitanya:

The grand wedding was held in Hindu and Christian style. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha acted together in Hemaya Sesave, a Telugu remake of Vinnaithandi Varuvaya.

Both of them fell in love when they acted in the film. Both of them have acted together in films like Manam, Auto Nagar and Majli.

samantha Naga Chaitanya 1

If these two act together, the film will become a highly anticipated film among the fans.

Fans’ Favorite Real Couple:

Fans love to see them together on screen. Because their romance and chemistry is so real.

So fans will love to see Samantha and Naga Chaitanya on screen.

This is how all these three films released with their acting are seen as mega hit films.

in this situation. The movie “Manam”, which was released in the year 2014 and collected in terms of collection in Telugu cinema, is now back in theaters.

A special screening of this was released at Devi 70mm theater in Hyderabad and the video featuring actor Naga Chaitanya is also going viral.

‘Kanulanu Thake’, a popular favorite song from the movie Manam, is in theatres. The fans stood up and protested at the sound.

Seeing this, Nagasaithanya tells them to be quiet. This video is now going viral on the internet.

Nagachaitanya who saw the bed video with Samantha:

Even though Naga Chaitanya has separated from Samantha and seen him in the theater in this movie, many fans have praised him and this video is going viral on the internet.

samantha Naga Chaitanya kannulanu thakke

Samantha is currently avoiding acting in Telugu cinema and focusing on Bollywood cinema.

There he is focusing on acting in various web series and films. Currently, she is acting in a web series called “Citadel” opposite young Bollywood director Varun Dhawan.

Now more than ever, Samantha is more attractive than before and the pictures she posts in her glamorous clothes are making netizens wake up.

Especially in web serials, she has been badly criticized by her fans for showing excessive glamor.


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