Big size Mia Khalifa.. Netizens describing serial actress Praveena..!

Actress Praveena in the early days of the Asian TV show Devi Mahatmiyam played the role of Parvati very maturely and became popular among the fans. After this he acted in many Malayalam movies.

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Fans have appreciated his performance not only in movies but also in serials. You may know that he is currently acting in the Iniya series.

Actress Praveena..

Actress Praveena made her film debut in 1992 with the film Gauri. After this, in 1998, he acted in the film Agni Saatchi. He also received an award from the Kerala government for his performance in the 2008 film Oru Pannaum Rendanam.

Apart from being an actress, she is also an excellent dubbing artist who is very busy acting in small screen and big screen.

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In that way, he received the Kerala Government Award for dubbing in the 2012 film Megha Ruban.

Plus Size Mia Khalifa..

He has acted in Tamil films such as Vetrivel, Theeran Akahamir Ududu, Sammy 2, Komali, Teddy, Lapham. Apart from Tamil Malayalam films, he has acted in many South Indian languages ​​and has a fan base of his own.

Apart from film awards, he has won Sun Family Awards, Asian Television Awards and is also very busy on social media.

In that way, each of the photos that she is currently publishing has created a stir in the minds of the fans and has also received the comment of big size Mia Khalifa.

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Fans have different reviews about this photo, which is more attractive than the photos she has published so far, and they are also describing the Mia Khalifa photo of serial actress Praveena.

Netizens describing..

After this, it is no exaggeration to say that this photo has not only gone viral on the internet but has also made an impact on the minds of the fans.

As far as Tamil serials are concerned, she is one of the actresses who like housewives by acting in many serials including Namma Kottam, Maharani, Adiparashakti, Priyamanaval, Maharasi, Raja Rani 2 and now Iniya.

praveena lalitha

If you see this photo that is currently trending on the internet, you will definitely share it with your friends and make it one of the most viewed photos on the internet.

And because these photos are according to the taste of the fans, they say that they have lost sleep at night watching these photos.

Some other fans have also posted such photos and told them not to hurt them.


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