Bitu video of the leading actors for Lee.. I still don’t know who is who..

Leaks of intimate videos of celebrities in Tamil cinema have already created a sensation.

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In this case, the reason why this issue is now taking shape is because singer Suchitra is sharing various shocking things about celebrities.

Bitu video of the actors..

In that way, the video of the young actor who is acting super in the cinema and the video of the actress who has already expired are being leaked, so the youth are showing great interest in watching this bitu video.

And while they have been gossiping about their fruitful work for a long time, they are taking video and enjoying it and they are also blackmailing someone and extorting money.

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Apart from that, things are leaking that some of the videos they take are hacked and the friends of the celebrities are getting paid to watch it.

Who else is who..

The speed king who impressed the fans by showing a lot of speed while acting in movies, curled his tail and told him to stay at home, now he is doing a good job calling the fans and netizens have been posting videos of him on the internet and made him look ugly.

The video of the celebrity who became popular on social media was also caught in it and made everyone take chances on Twitter.

Cracked internet..

After this, information has been leaked that Perusa called him as a cheap guest to the college and that he is engaging in sexual activities by inviting young women in nude video call and having sex over phone.

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Apart from that, there have been rumors that the pearl eggplant actress is making money by talking to her fans on video calls when there is no opportunity to post photos and videos like an item on her Instagram page.

After this, he gave an interview that he is training the fans without breaking the law. After seeing the work he has done, everyone has washed and poured.

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It is not enough that many more Insta celebrities are doing bad work by calling themselves influencers on social media and there are many intimate videos that are being released by a certain gang.

And this topic is now viral on the internet and has become a talking point among the fans and everyone is talking about this topic.


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