BJP has to respond to the coal scandal – Selvaperundagai!

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Tamil Nadu Congress President Selvaperunthagai has said that BJP has to answer for the coal scam.

In the statement he issued in this regard, “The last 10 years of BJP Adani is one of the most successful billionaires in the government. Sources have emerged that the Adani Group has made huge profits by selling low-quality coal at exorbitant prices. Evidence has found that since 2014, the Adani Group has made a bootleg profit of Rs 3,000 crore by fraudulently selling cheap, low-quality coal from Indonesia at triple the price. Air pollution caused by power generation companies using low quality coal has seriously affected the public.

Air pollution kills 20 lakh Indians every year, according to a research institute. This is yet another example of Prime Minister’s close friends enriching themselves by exploiting Indians in violation of the law over the past 10 years. It has been confirmed that 1.5 million tonnes of low-calorie coal has been shipped 22 times since 2014. It has lower calorific value and therefore lower quality of coal. The sale of such coal has earned the Adani Group billions of rupees in profit.

Condemnation against Modi is growing in Tamil Nadu. Denigrating Tamils? Condemnation of wealth.

Thus, the biggest mega scandal of Adani Group, which made huge profits by selling low-quality coal, has come to light. President Rahul Gandhi has said that once the coalition government of India is formed, the parliamentary joint action committee will investigate the matter and put the truth in the people’s forum.

President Rahul Gandhi’s anti-corruption charge has gained immense prominence. With this, the BJP has to answer for the coal corruption committed by Modi and Adani alliance. Modi’s sainthood has been exposed at a time when the Lok Sabha elections are nearing their final stages.


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