BJP leader’s son died mysteriously in Australia.. Body floated on the beach!

BJP leaders son died mysteriously in Australia Body floated on

Arvind Yadav is the only son of late BJP leader Aarti Krishna Yadav who hails from Shadnagar in Rangareddy district of Telangana state. He has settled in Australia for work. Arvind got married a year and a half ago. His wife is pregnant.

Recently Aravind’s mother Usharani has gone to Australia. But Usharani returned to his hometown Shadnagar last week due to bad weather there. Accordingly, Arvind had also booked flight tickets to Shadnagar to spend the holiday with his family back home.

Arvind had gone out to wash his car on the day of the incident. As he did not return home for a long time, the family got scared and immediately filed a police report. In that way, the search for Aurobindo in the area was carried out intensively.

Meanwhile, a dead body of a man was found floating on the beach of Appagudi. Accordingly, the DNA test carried out on the dead body revealed that it was Arvind. Police are investigating whether Arvind died in a very mysterious manner, whether it was a murder or suicide.

Aravind’s parents and family are deeply saddened by his death. The full details of the incident are yet to be revealed. Arvind’s father and BJP figure Krishna Yadav died in a road accident in Elur on April 7, 2006. The accident occurred when the car he was traveling in collided with a truck.


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