Black Bondi disturbed Anjali.. SK chased after her.. Black Bondi walked away crying..!

You may remember Black Bondy who starred in Ankadi Teru. He impressed the fans with his amazing performance and got tens of thousands of fans after watching his performance.

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Born Lingeswaran, no one can easily forget that he became a comedian in the Tamil film world. Also, Vijay has played the role of Pandi in the TV serial Kana Kanum Kalangal.

Anjali was disturbed by Black Bondi..

It was after this that everyone started lovingly calling him Black Bondi. In the year 2000, he started acting in the film Gudi Nathutal Kodi Gonoya and participated in the second season of Jodi Number One.

Also, his amazing performance can be seen in films like Li Muruga, Manja Velu, Angadi Teru, Deivathirumal, Velayutham, Masani Zilla.

Black Bondi and actress Anjali entered the film industry in the contemporary phase. They said that when they learned dance from Jayanthi Master, they got into very good habits.

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In that way, actress Anjali will be dancing in the front row while Jayanthi is learning dance from the master. Black Bondy has said that I was so used to saying that I would dance as I stood back.

S. K. was chased.

After this, our friendship grew when the two acted together in the film Angadi Teru. We also acted in a film with Jayam Ravi.

Anjali did not see me properly when she acted in this film. He didn’t face me too much despite talking to me several times. After this I sent a message on the phone but he did not reply to that message.

After this, Anjali, who is in a position to grow in the film industry, has clearly said that this experience is not one or two.

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In that way, when Sivakarthikeyan did not come to the film industry, he and I were looking for opportunities for many films.

Later, when I met Sivakarthikeyan once when I was growing up, I went for the opportunity. He sent me a small amount there.

It was like insulting me but I didn’t show it and left the place.

what happened?..

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It is normal for some people who were friends in the film industry in the early days to forget their friends after growing up.

Moreover, Seyaaru Balu had talked about this matter in a recent interview, which has created a stir among the fans, but will this happen? It made me think.


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