Blockbuster hit! Catch the whirlwind in collection sir!

pt sir

BT Sir Collection : It has been reported that Hiphop Adi starrer PD Sir has collected 5 crores worldwide in 3 days of its release.

Hip Hop Adi’s movie PD Sir is getting good response among the fans. Directed by Karthik Venugopalan, this film focuses on sexual violence against women. The film stars Kashmira Pardeshi opposite Hiphop Adi.

Anika Surendran, Prince, Pandiyarajan, Munishkanth and many other celebrities have played important roles in the film. Hiphop Adiye is also composing the music for the film. The film released in theaters on May 24 amid huge expectations.

Because the movie was very good, all the people who have seen the movie are giving their reviews saying that the movie is good and definitely a good movie that everyone should watch. The film is also getting a huge reception at the box office as the reviews are coming in positive.

On the first day of its release, there were reports that this PD Sir movie had collected up to 1 crore worldwide. Following this, the film has received good reception on Saturday and Sunday and the collection has also increased. Accordingly, there are reports that the film has crossed the total collection of 5 crores in 3 days of its release.


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