“Blue film means this..” Did you hear what actress Shakeela said..?

Actress Shakeela made her debut in the Malayalam film industry at the age of 15 when she played a supporting role in the film Play Girls.

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She is also a great character actress and comedienne who has a large male fan base after acting in a large number of adult films.

Actress Shakeela..

If there is a film starring Shakeela, who is nicknamed Lady Lal and Cyclone in the Malayalam film world, leading Malayalam actors are afraid to release their film.

After each of his films became a mass hit, he has acted in more than 110 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi languages.

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After this, after a period of banning him from acting in the Malayalam film world, he came and settled down in Chennai and acted opposite Vivek in a Tamil movie called Revival.

Not only that, but many people urged her to do such characters as she was labeled as a sexy actress who portrayed comic characters maturely in films like Jayam, Ajaya Tamil Magan, Bhaskaran Bhaskaran.

Blue film or what?

In this case, while the talks between singer Suchitra and Bailwan Ranganath are going viral on the internet, actress Shakeela has spoken about some things related to singer Suchitra and Bailwan.

The video is now widely viewed on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.

And talking about this matter, singer Suchitra may have called him. And what is true about big actors? What is false? He said that he did not know anything.

Also, while talking to Suchitra, it is not true that Bailwan supplies artistes for Malayalam films and has also given me an opportunity. Suchitra may have called me and asked about this.

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But singer Suchitra did not. Bailwan is not that kind of person. It is wrong to talk about uncle as a boy. If you have evidence for this, show it. Shakeela has categorically said that Bailwan did not do the job.

Without it, when a contestant talked about me in a show, he spoke badly and said that he saw me as a worm, which affected my heart. Apart from this we don’t have any problem.

Shakeela’s sensational speech..

And in that talk, she is a blue film actress. Oh crazy blue film what am I talking about. Blue film is the mistake of being open. He explained the meaning of what blue film means as Nanpantu is a porn film.

I didn’t do that either. Take it apart. He said that you spoke when I was not in town. I don’t know what would have happened if I was in a foreign country.

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And I’m not saying I don’t do porn films. That’s how I got the top position in Malayalam. And when I was talking to you, I said it out of respect that you should go buy it, brother.

Shakila scolded Bailwan saying that if I say such a word, your mother will suffer.

Also, Bailwan has no evidence and no brain, he just sees a message and says it. That is the proof he has got the student.


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