Bomb threat to Chennai International Airport! – bomb threat in chennai international airport

Bomb threat to Chennai International Airport bomb threat in

Chennai Airport is one of the important airports in Tamil Nadu. Various domestic and international flights are operated from this airport.

Busy 24 hours a day
In this case, the central security forces are engaged in security work with full control at this airport which is very busy 24 hours a day. In this case, the terrorists were arrested a few days ago.

bomb tip
It was reported that they refused to give information about the bomb. In this case, the Chennai airport received a bomb threat via email. Following this, the airport police launched an intensive search. A long search did not find the bomb. All the passengers got scared because of this.

After this it was revealed that it was just a hoax. After this, the police and the people were relieved. In this way, the police are searching for the person who started the bomb hoax.

Similarly, email bomb threats to various schools in Chennai is becoming a recurring story.

Police raid
In this regard, the police have obtained the IP address and are actively searching for it. Similarly, the police are also searching the web for the IP address of this person. The bomb hoax caused chaos at the Chennai airport.


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