Can we make super Kerala flavored avial?

Aviyal recipe -How to make avial, a traditional dish of Kerala, can be seen in this article.

required things:

  • Coconut oil = 5 tbsp
  • Coconut = half lid
  • Green chillies = three
  • Garlic = 10 cloves
  • Small onion = Six
  • Green chillies =3
  • Cumin = one spoon
  • Drumstick = 2
  • Banana = one
  • Carrot = one
  • Sweet potato = one (small)
  • Eggplant=3 three
  • Beans = Six
  • Putalangai = one
  • Turmeric powder = half spoon
  • Yogurt = 3 spoons



First cut the vegetables lengthwise. Put the vegetables in a wide pan, add half a spoon of turmeric powder, required amount of salt, three spoons of coconut oil and a cup of water and boil it.

senai kilangu

Now add coconut, garlic, spring onion, green chilli cumin in the mixer and grind it coarsely. Now when the vegetable is cooked, add this ground paste to it and mix.

Curd (2)

Add three spoons of curd to it, mix it and let it boil for two minutes. After two minutes add 2 spoons of coconut oil and stir and the avial will be ready.


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