Cigarette in hand, beer bottle! The woman who argued intoxicated!

Hyderabad: Police are investigating after a woman was involved in a train in Hyderabad with a bottle of beer in her hand.

An intoxicated man and woman were drinking beer and smoking cigarettes in a public place on LP Nagar-Nagole road in Hyderabad state. When the people who were walking saw this on the road, they asked me why I am doing this in a public place.

Immediately the woman started arguing with those who said that. A few people even took a video of the woman drinking beer. Seeing this, the woman asked the videographers why they were videoing me and got into an argument. Then the woman told her to stop taking the video and tried to grab the phone.

All the famous people who saw this should join together and not engage in such bad activities. Do you do this where everyone comes and goes? They said that. But, the woman angrily got into an argument with her relatives.

When the argument escalated beyond a point, the elders shouted at the girl to go home instead of standing here first. Then the man who accompanied the woman pacified him and took him away in the car. While no case has been registered so far, the police are investigating the matter after a video from Nagole-LP town went viral on Friday.


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