Coimbatore Covid Cases, new type of Corona in Singapore – Precautionary measures intensified at Coimbatore Airport! – new type covid cases on singapore precautions on coimbatore airport

Coimbatore Covid Cases new type of Corona in Singapore

As the new type of corona which started spreading in Singapore has been reported in some parts of India, the Tamil Nadu Health Department has advised the public to be cautious and not to panic.

Security measures in Chennai
Security measures are being taken at Chennai airport which is the main airport of Tamil Nadu. Similarly, Coimbatore Airport is seen as an important airport in Tamil Nadu. Domestic and international flights are operated from Coimbatore Airport.

Coimbatore Airport
A large number of passengers use this Coimbatore airport daily. Not only the people of Coimbatore district, but all the people from nearby districts are using the Coimbatore airport. Due to this, the crowd will be crowded.

Fever diagnosis
Meanwhile, Coimbatore International Airport operates flights between Coimbatore-Singapore 5 days a week and Coimbatore-Sharjah 7 days a week. In this situation, as a precautionary measure, the health department has intensified the work of detecting fever among the passengers of Sharjah and Singapore at the Coimbatore airport.

Automatic machine
It is noteworthy that this monitoring work is currently being carried out at the Coimbatore International Airport through the automatic fever detection machine installed in the airport premises. These works were not carried out for a long time after all the corona waves were over during the corona period. Now this fever detection work has started again causing fear among the passengers.


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