Come wherever Brajwal Revanna is…don’t test my patience…Deva Gowda in sema tension!

Come wherever Brajwal Revanna isdont test my patienceDeva Gowda in

As about 3,000 obscene videos were released in the state of Karnataka and caused a shock, it was alleged that Hassan Constituency MP Prajwal Revanna was in touch with this matter. It was alleged that he and his father Revanna had sexually harassed many women. Revanna was then arrested. But after the election in Hassan constituency, Brajwal went abroad.

Case against Brajwal Revanna

Various cases have been filed against him and his son. There is great anticipation as to when Brajwal will return to Karnataka. A Blue Corner Notice has been issued against him. But till now Prajwal Revanna has not returned. Reports suggest that it is in a country somewhere in Europe. In this context, HD Deve Gowda, the former Prime Minister, the leader of the secular Janata Dal and the grandfather of Brajwal, has issued a statement.

Deve Gowda warning

He captioned it as a warning to Brajwal. In this report, the information about Prajwal Revanna shocked me. It took a few days to recover from it. If he is really guilty he should be punished more severely under the law. They are criticizing me and my family with harsh words in this matter.

The truth will come out

I don’t want to stop them. Not ready to criticize them. Not in a position to discuss. All allegations should be properly investigated and wait for the truth to come out. But don’t think I’m defending Brajwal. I don’t know if he went abroad.

At God’s feet…

I have faith in God. He alone knows all the facts. I don’t want to respond to the political upheavals of the past few weeks right now. I cast all my burdens at God’s feet. As for me, I can do one thing. I give a stern warning to Brajwal.

Legal action

Wherever he is, he should return immediately and surrender to the police. Access to all legal matters. This is not my request. Let me warn you. If you have any respect for me, please turn back immediately. He has said that neither I nor my family will interfere in the legal matters against Brajwal.


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