“Despite telling me that I am getting married.. the manager insisted..” Mrs. Selvam Abita who broke the secret..!

Actress Abitha who is a native of Kerala has earned a place among her fans by acting in Tamil movies as well as Tamil TV serials.

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In that way, she acted in the long-running serial Mrs. Selvam broadcasted on Sun TV from 2007 to 2013 and attracted a large number of fans to her side.

Mrs. Selvam Abitha..

After making her film debut in 1997 in the film Ethupatti Rasa, Abitha acted in the films Devadasi and Sethu in 1998, Golmaal in 1999.

She also became famous as a much talked about actress by playing the role of Abhitakusalambal in Sethu. After this, in 2021, he acted in the film Sirivaram Kalai, Poove Ben Poove, and he has acted in films like Aarasakshi in 2004, Pahomisam in 2006, Swaatshi MLA in 2007 and Nam Nadu in 2007.

Even if you say that you are getting married..

After this, the opportunities to act in movies decreased and he started showing his head towards serials. In a recent interview, she talked about her intention to act in Mrs. Selvam’s serial aired on Sun TV.

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Also during this interview he said that he had no desire to act in Mrs. Selvam serial and its directors Radha and another person told him that if he likes the story, he can act.

Also, I was in the mood that I definitely should not act in that serial, as I have decided to get married soon, they insisted me to listen to the story even though I had no intention of acting in the serial.

The manager insisted.. the truth came out..

After this, the manager of the serial insisted, so I invited him to come home to tell the story. When they came home to tell the story, I listened to the story with my head covered with oil and my face as if oil was flowing.

Thirumathi Selvam Abitha 2

Actress Abitha said that the reason for this was that she did not think that I would be suitable for the story of the serial.

After this, he said that he decided to act in this story if he liked it, and now it is going viral on the internet.

And no one can easily deny that Mrs. Selvam’s serial brought her the rich and famous she couldn’t achieve while acting in movies.

Thirumathi Selvam Abitha 3

If Abhita had missed this serial, would she have become so famous? Fans have been talking to each other as if it was a doubt and the matter has gone viral on the internet.

And all the fans have shared and splashed about the thing that could become the talk of the internet to their friends.


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