Despite the end of the war, the North did not receive the benefits of peace

The war ended on May 18, 2019. Although 15 years have passed since the end of the war, we cannot be happy about the situation in the North. After the end of a war, the community did not even reap the benefits of peace. Even the schools here should have become national schools if the fruits of peace were properly received. We are not looking for shrunken national schools with nameplates here.

But nothing like that happened here. There are still schools in these areas that have been destroyed by war. It has been 15 years since peace. How many times have you voted to win the war? Still we cannot blame the war. The Leader of the Opposition said that justice has not been established for the school and students of this region.

In a history of unfulfilled promises, only I can offer pure hope to the victims who have been disillusioned by politics. The Leader of the Opposition said that he was the only opposition party in the true sense of the word and carried out services for the people.

Under Panpanam Information Technology Project, the 202nd phase of Smart Classroom Equipment worth Rs.1,177,000 Lakhs was handed over to Komarangadawala Maha Vidyalayam, Trincomalee yesterday (26).

Leader of Opposition Sajith Premadasa said this while addressing the event.

During this, a financial assistance of one lakh rupees was also given to the school development association.

Although leaders say that our country will be strengthened by the digital revolution, IT education remains largely informal. It is not possible to advance the IT education process in this way. Arrangements for this should be made in schools. This change must come from the schools. The young generation, the next human resource of this country, is in schools. The Leader of the Opposition said that this digital revolution will never happen in word of mouth instead of making practical arrangements for this.

Every child in the country should be equipped with new technological knowledge. For this, Women Development Centers will be established in each Divisional Secretariat. Through this, women will also be empowered in IT. The opposition leader said that we will take forward the arrangements for this in our government.


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