Distribution of 5,400 land plots in Vavuniya and Mannar districts

Under the “Urumaya” programme, 700 fully entitled land titles covering 4 Divisional Secretary Divisions of Vavuniya District and 5 Divisional Secretary Divisions of Mannar District were presented yesterday (26) morning at the Vavuniya Mojo Ceremony Hall under the leadership of President Ranil Wickramasinghe

These certificates were issued as the first phase of 5400 fully entitled land certificates to be issued to Vavuniya and Mannar districts under the “Urumaya” programme.

Speaking on the occasion, President Ranil Wickremesinghe mentioned that the Urumaya Land Certificates will be issued as an initial step in the agricultural modernization programme.

The President mentioned that under the Agricultural Modernization Program, modern agriculture will be brought to the village in the next three years and the people will have an opportunity to increase their income by increasing production using modern technology.

The President pointed out that providing people with full ownership land titles is the privatization of government-owned properties and can directly contribute to boosting the country’s economy.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe also commented.

From 1935, people were given land licenses for farming and building houses. But absolute ownership of the land is not given. So, I have decided to give you a land guarantee with full rights. Many said that people would sell their land if they were given a land title deed with full ownership. I hope you don’t sell the land that two generations have enjoyed.

In the past, people were greatly affected by the covid pandemic and economic crisis. Because of that crisis, the property value of about seventy percent of people in this country fell. Your property value will increase due to land assurance given today.

These lands should be used to contribute to the development of modern agriculture. This can contribute to the productive economy of the country. This will be the biggest contribution you can make when the country is facing economic crisis. “After the completion of the Malwattu Oya project, cultivation in Mannar district can be done more easily,” the President said.

Minister of State Qader Mastan,

This day is a golden day when the people of Vavunia and Mannar district will be given land guarantee. If there is no staffing problem, this commitment can be given to more people. It is a long process. It is expected that the land can be secured faster than this in the future. The President is acting with a long view. Ranil Wickramasinghe should be the President of the country next year as well. We must strengthen his hand.

People of Mannar district are also facing many problems. They should also be addressed.

VMS Charles, Governor of Northern Province,

The President initiated many development projects in 5 districts. In the last three days, the President has launched many programs like education, health, employment, land security. He has also listened to the demands of the MPs of the region and given necessary advice. I would like to thank the President for carrying out a whirlwind trip amidst difficulties and going to all the districts except Mannar district.

Member of Parliament Selvam Adhikalanathan,

We thank the President for taking steps to advance various development projects in the North. The people of the region have got a period of relief by providing land guarantee. This is not enough. If 20 lakh land guarantee is given then there will be no one left in Vanni without land guarantee. During his tenure as Prime Minister, the President took steps to build state-of-the-art hospitals with the help of the Dutch government. Thank you for opening them up.
Even if the President does not visit Mannar, he should pay attention to the problems in Mannar and solve them. We hope that the land allottees will use them properly.

Member of Parliament Vino Nogarathalingam,

On a three-day visit to the North, the President initiated many development projects. We are supporting the government as much as possible by being the opposition party in these development projects taking place in our area. The Tamil National Federation is ready to cooperate with the development work carried out by the President. It is a matter of appreciation that the people who lived in the spirit of renting land have been freed.

Members of Parliament Kulasingham Dileban and Northern political representatives and Vavuniya District Secretary P.A. Sarathchandra and other government officials participated in the event.


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