Do you know how much salary Rajini asked for Jailer 2? Does Nelson have this much money?

Jailer 2 : It has been revealed that the salary of Rajinikanth has been discussed to act in Jailer 2, which is to be directed by director Nelson.

Jailer, released last year, was a huge hit across the world. Following its success, director Nelson announced plans to make a sequel.

In this case, after the song ‘Hukum’ which was featured in the first part of Jailer became a hit, the film team is planning to give the same name to the second part of Jailer. Currently, it is reported that director Nelson has started the script work of Jailer 2.

He has started the work for it and it is said that he is going to start shooting for Jailer 2 after Kooli. It is said that actor Rajinikanth is currently earning up to Rs.210 crores per film.

At this stage, it is rumored that Jailer has asked more than that for the film. According to a source, he is said to have asked for Rs 250 crore. On the one hand, director Nelson was told that after the success of Jailer, he would be paid more than he asked for.

Accordingly, Jailer was also a hit and tripled the gross profit, so he was given a salary plus a Porsche car gift. Apart from that, it is said that a separate office has been set up for him in Chennai. Now, it is rumored that Compromise has spoken for the second part as well.


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