Do you know the current plight of the romantic boy..?

Than Kaadhal is a 2004 blockbuster movie starring actor Bharat and Sandhya. This movie was directed by Balaji Sakthivel.

The film released and became a huge hit in Tamil cinema. A quirky love story, a schoolgirl falls in love with a young man who works on a mechanic set.

Romantic Movie:

But the love movie is a story about how their parents oppose their love and then how this love is fulfilled.

The film was shot with many sudden twists and interesting action sequences and it became a huge box office hit.

kadhal movie

Also, it won the Filmfare Award for Best Film of 2004.

Actor Bharath used to work on his own with a mechanic set in a romantic film based on a true story.

Romantic Movie Kartandani:

Arun is the boy who played the character Karatandi on the set of Mechanic with Parath. He became very famous through that movie.

He acted as a very good child star in that movie to give him a good mark throughout his life.

After the film, he also acted in the film Sivakasi starring Vijay. However, no film has given him as much fame and name as romantic films.

He continued to act as a child star in various films. But as he grew up, he did not get film opportunities.

In the meantime, news and photos surfaced on social media that he had been in love with a woman for two years and had recently married that woman with the consent of both families.

Also many of the actors who acted with him went to his wedding and congratulated him.

Current Status of Romantic Film Boy:

In this case, Kaadhal film Garatandi is currently engaged in the business of making furniture, bed, bureau and other wood works.

kadhal movie 2

Arun Kumar spoke about this in a recent interview. I am from Madurai and I got an opportunity in a romantic film when I was studying.

Through that I used to act in plays from my childhood. That’s why someone told the film crew about me and that’s how I got the romantic film opportunity.

The romantic film opportunity came to me at school. They inquired and took me there. This film gave me a huge identity.

After that I got many film opportunities but I continued to act
The whole reason for not acting in films was that I had lost all the contacts of the directors.

So I could not contact and search for opportunities. Then gradually opportunities started telling me.

Apart from that, Arun has said in that interview that the problem of the house and some other circumstances made me unable to look for opportunities.


Just like the way I used to work in the mechanic shed in the romantic movie, while working in this wooden shed, I was doing small jobs like handing things to the workers and nailing.

kadhal movie 1 1

I used to work there as a daily wage. After that I have learned the work well and have been taking orders and working.

However, I have a lot of desire to act in cinema again. It is noteworthy that Arun had said in that interview that I hope that I will get opportunities through this interview.


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