Don’t show mercy to Irfan.. Take appropriate action.. Do you know who caused the turmoil..?

In the last few years, YouTube celebrities have also started coming in the ranks of celebrities. YouTube has become a popular medium among the public since the day when internet usage started in Tamil Nadu.

YouTuber Irfan is one of the most popular YouTubers in the era of 4G technology in India

Initially uploading his own videos, Irfan started going to restaurants in Chennai to review the food.

Growing up Irrfan:

Then more receptions started coming for it. After that, Irrfan has been growing as an important food critic YouTuber of Tamil Nadu.



You can see his reviews of many restaurants starting from roadside restaurants to star restaurants. At the same time, there are many controversies about Irrfan on social media. Irrfan’s name has already been mentioned in a car accident issue.

Recent Controversy:

Even recently she was accused of revealing the gender of her unborn child. Indian law makes it a crime to determine the gender of a child before birth.


But abroad it is not seen that way. As a result, Irrfan went abroad and published a video revealing whether the child he is going to have is a boy or a girl.

While in countries like Dubai it is common practice to find out the gender of babies before they are born and hold a ceremony, it is not the same in India.

Don’t Apologize:

At this stage, Irrfan apologized and deleted the video as there were strong objections to it. Speaking about this controversy, Humanity People’s Party leader MH Jawahirullah said that the government should not show any mercy to Irfan and take legal action against him.

Because he has set a wrong example for the youth, the Chief Minister tagged Stalin and posted it. After this, Irfan’s problem started trending again.


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