During my periods my family.. Chandralekha serial actress broke the truth..!

There is no need to share much about actress Shweta Pandekar, who starred in the sensational Sun TV serial Chandralekha. He easily impressed the fans in this serial.

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Apart from serials, he has also focused on films and has also studied MBA after B.Tech from PMR College, Chennai.

Chandralekha serial actress..

In 2007, Thala played the role of Ajith’s younger sister in the movie Azhwar starring Ajith.

After this, he acted in the film Valluvan Vasuki in 2008 and has also acted in some Telugu films.

Also, the films in which he appeared in the film like Poowa Thaliya, Tripsangal Suryaum, Meera With Krishnan, Veeracholan, Dhirti Thirayarangam, Nan Than Bala, Bhoologam are still being mentioned by the fans even today.

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As far as the small screen serial is concerned, apart from Chandralekha, Zee has also acted in the serial Lakshmi Vandachu in Tamil. After this, he participated in the Star Wars program and is also busy on social media.

Although she acted in serials like Nila, Roja, Maharashi, Anbe Vaa, it was Chandralekha serial that gave her good name and riches. You know very well that this serial has been on air for the past 9 years and has gained a good name among the fans and maintained its TRP rate.

This is how it is during periods..

As he has the ability to complete any character given to him, he has earned a good name among the people by acting in many serials.

In this case, in a recent video, he has openly shared some things that happen to women.

Women are usually kept away from the house especially during the natural menstruation.

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During those three days, not only physically, but also mentally, many women are experiencing embarrassment, the truth is now going viral that even her family, who is famous in the media, has given her similar hardships during her periods.

After this, while many people are talking about what her family did at that time, the same injustice that happens to an ordinary woman has happened to Shweta.

Shweta Pandekar broke the family secret..

In that way, serial actress Shweta Pandekar said that during her periods, her family would go away without touching her and she has also released a video describing it in detail.

All the fans who are watching this video really read how much even though we are in this digital age, keeping women away from home for those three days during periods and not having sex with them is happening everywhere.

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Actress Shweta Pandekar, who acted in the serial Chandralekha without hiding this matter, has now said that it is not surprising that she shared the matter that her family keeps her away from her during her period.

After this, this matter has spread rapidly on the internet and has become a talking point among fans and is it right to do this? right or not They have been talking on the table.

If you want to watch this video, just click on the link below.


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