E1X Electric Scooter Launched at Rs 55,000 Bounce Infinity’s New E1X Electric Scooter

E1X Electric Scooter Launched at Rs 55000 Bounce Infinitys New

Bounce Infinity, an electric vehicle start-up based in Bengaluru, has launched a new electric scooter called the E1X in India. Earlier, the company had released an electric scooter named E1 in 2021. Now Bounce Infinity has released the E1X electric scooter with battery swapping facility in the same E1 scooter. The company has also announced that the customers can buy this E1X electric scooter model which is currently released from the month of June.

Bounce has developed this electric scooter with a maximum speed of 65 kmph. Like many other low-cost electric scooters, the company has launched this one with urban users in mind. Also, Bounce has informed that its battery swapping facility is designed to replace the battery in various battery swapping networks in India.

Apart from the E1X, currently launched, Bounce Infinity also sells the E1, E1+ and E1 LE electric scooters in India. The E1+ and E1 LE electric scooters use a 1.9kWh battery pack and have a range of 70 km and a top speed of 65 km.

The E1 model electric scooter has a range of 100 km with a 2.5kWh battery. However, the maximum speed of this model is only 55 kmph. Bounce Infinity is selling these three scooters at a price of Rs 1.09 lakh, Rs 1.25 lakh and Rs 1.12 lakh respectively. However, the company recently slashed the prices of these scooters by up to 21% to Rs 90,000. Also, the company has released the E1X electric scooter which has been released at a price of Rs.55,000 to Rs.59,000.


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