Few come to the theater; Whether OTD is right or wrong will be known later: HipHop Adi interview in Coimbatore

Hero Hip Hop Adi and the crew of the film who visited Brookfields Mall Coimbatore for the promotion of the movie “PT SIR” met and interacted with the fans. Then Hiphop Adi sang the Coimbatore Anthem song and Wadi Pulla Wadi song. The excited fans sang the songs along with him and then took photos with him.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion, Hip Hop Adi said that no one is sleeping because he is going around for the promotion of the film. So we look like zombies. However, he said that he was energetic inside.

Although this film is a comedy film, we have kept a serious subject in the film. He said that the film will run if it is good without big star actor and small star actor.

Answering a question about ODD, he said that it also gives a good reach. He said that even after the movie is over in the theaters, the public gets the opportunity to watch it on ODT.

On the other hand, there is a mindset that you can watch it in OTD, so the mood of coming to the theaters has decreased a little. Whether it is right or wrong cannot be said now. He said that we will see what will happen in a few more years.

Hiphop a.jpeg

Director Karthik said that women liked the film. He said that this film is about what happens to women after the violence and what is their state of mind. He said that people have started watching the movie separately and if the story is good, they come to the theaters with their families to watch it.

A young lady who happened to be there between the press conference started crying after seeing Hip Hop Adi. The young woman said that it was her long-time desire to see the beginning of hip-hop.


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