Fight with boyfriend! The girlfriend who jumped in front of the train.. a disturbing video!

Uttar Pradesh: The heart-wrenching CCTV footage of a young woman running in front of a moving train in Agra is now going viral on the internet.

Last Monday (May-27) at 11 am, this shocking incident took place at Raja Ki Mandi railway station in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A romantic couple is talking on platform-1 of the railway station.

Due to a dispute between them, the young woman jumps on the track knowing that the train is coming and gets into a dispute with her boyfriend. Then when he knows that the train is approaching, he will come and stand near the platform. But unfortunately the young lady was hit by the speeding Kerala Express train on the track and dragged away.

The shocking incident was recorded on the CCTV installed in Platform-1. In the 33-second video, the woman can be seen jumping from the platform onto the tracks even though she knew the train was coming. In the video, we can also see the Kerala train dragging the girl who was having an argument with her lover.

Also, the boyfriend would have fled the scene shortly after this happened, and the scenes were also recorded on camera. After the incident, the woman was taken to SN Hospital for treatment by the railway police officers in a critical condition with serious injuries. The police have registered a case regarding the incident and are trying to identify the woman.


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