First laid down for film opportunity.. then ten years passed.. Rekha Nair open talk..!

Rekha Nair is the one who has grabbed everyone’s attention by openly talking about many things on social media about women’s freedom, men’s perverted ideas and adjustments for women’s roles.

She was generally seen as an actress who caught the attention of the general public by being very open about her controversial views.

Actress Rekha Nair:

Because of this he was criticized a lot. Through this he became famous. Because of her popularity, Tamil cinema director and actor Parthiban gave her a chance to act as an actress in the film Yaravin Shilakal, which was released under his direction.

rekha nair1 3

Rekha Nair, who acted half-nude in that movie, not only made everyone frown but also got criticized by many.

In an interview with famous controversial journalist Bailwan Ranganathan about her performance, Bagheer made controversial comments about Rekha Nair’s half-naked performance.

Rekha Nair is very angry because of this. While out for a walk in the early hours of the morning, Bailwan unexpectedly encounters Ranganathan.

Bailwan Ranganathan’s kick:

Grabbing his shirt and beating him, I will act however I want, who are you to criticize me? The question was seen as a sensational news.

rekha nair2 1

This is how Rekha Nair became famous to the entire people. Earlier, he has acted in various TV serials like Vamsam, Pagal Nilavu, Andal Alaghar, Naam Iruvar Nakhu Iruvar, Balaganapathi.

However, Rekha Nair became famous because of her bold and controversial statements.

Apart from that, there are various mysteries in the death of his close friend VJ Chitra and Hemant, who was married to her, caused a sensation by saying that he committed suicide.

Leave it on for 6 hours:

However, this is what he has said in a recent interview. Controversy is brewing again.

I exercise for almost four to six hours and keep my body toned and lean.

Can you give me when they come and ask me to keep my body in shape after such a hard time?

rekha nair3

After asking how many crores will you pay for my body? He also asked if I am worth these crores.

Also, don’t go to bed with water and ganja, it doesn’t work for me. I also know a lot of actresses who give themselves to do films for opportunities.

Seeing such actresses invites everyone to bed for film opportunities. Not only that, when he calls me to bed, if I like it, I will go, if I don’t like it, I won’t.

Calling after 10 years of lying down:

Even more so, how is it fair to call the director-producer back to the bed almost a year after sharing the bed for an opportunity? He spoke angrily.

Rekha Nair has been seen as a controversial actress and has made the public aware as she has openly broken many of the exposed things happening in the film industry.


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