Gang arrested for buying children from poor and selling them in Andhra, Telangana

Delhi, Pune In cities Buy children from the poor, Andhra, Sold in Telangana Arrested the gang Rachakonda Policewhich they had 16 Rescued the children.

3 People have been arrested, Further 8 A manhunt is on to nab him.

about this Rachakonda Police Commissioner Dr. Tarun Joshi saidA girl child under the jurisdiction of Medipalli police station in suburban Hyderabad SalesMay regarding doing 22 A complaint was received that day.

Immediately police to the scene Shoba Rani and M Swapna are two girls in a hurry, They also arrested a person named Sheikh Salim who tried to make a deal to sell the child.

Conducted to them At trial, Children brought from New Delhi and Pune Salesadmitted to running a network of

Security at Gatkesar on the outskirts of HyderabadRaga Working Bhandari Hari Hara Sethaof (34) has acted as the mastermind in this.

The gang has children from both Kiran and Preethi from New Delhi and Kannaya from Pune. Almost from these two cities 50 We learned that they had given the children to the gang, It also agents them, It will eventually roll out to childless couples in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Per child Rs.1.8 Lakh to Rs.5.5 Priced up to lakhs. After paying agents and middlemen, the gang members get Rs.50,000 From Rs.1 They were making profits up to lakhs. We are 11 We have rescued the children and sent them to children’s homes, Joshi said.

Inspector R. Govind Reddy of Medipalli Police Station was the first complaint filed Saying, “Poor children between one month and two years old, Buy from homeless people, Ever since the mob brought it to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh In phase investigation TericameTh.

Small of two-three persons group This gang operated throughFurther They do not know the identities of the others involved. Using call logs, The remaining eight Gang of names We identified. First we rescued two children who were going to be sold, We later rescued nine more children from the couple who bought them.

Second In operation, Telangana, We rescued six children from families from different parts of Andhra Pradesh. Cases are registered against the persons who procured these children illegally. And bought the baby in the past Many We are in the process of identifying the families,” Reddy said.


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