Gold Rate Today | Gold price surprises for 2nd day: What is the rate today?

Gold Silver Price Today, 24 May 2024 | Gold Rate: Gold prices in India show a pattern of going up one day and going down a little the next. Meanwhile, the war between Israel and Palestine reached its peak. The price of gold, which has fallen slightly from time to time, has continued to rise since the beginning of last March.

In this case, last Saturday the price of gold rose to Rs. 640 increased dramatically. Similarly, the price of gold on Monday was Rs. 400 increased. However, the next day on Tuesday, the price of gold rose to Rs. 320 less. Gold prices traded unchanged on Wednesday. Last Thursday, Rs.880 per shaver reduced to Rs. 54,000 per gram and Rs. 110 per gram down to Rs. 6,750 were sold.

Today’s gold price

In this situation, the price of gold has fallen sharply today. While gold prices have been hitting all-time highs for the past few weeks, today’s drastic drop is a consolation for jewelers and housewives.

In Chennai today, the price of 22 carat jewelery gold dropped by Rs.800 per sawan to Rs. 53,200 on sale. Per gram Rs. 100 per gram of gold down to Rs. 6,650 is being sold.

24 carat jewelery gold price per gram is Rs. 7,255 and Rs. 58,040 are being sold.

Silver price

The price of silver, which has reached an all-time high in the past few days, has fallen dramatically today. 50 cents per gram down to Rs. 96.50 on sale. A kg of silver is Rs. 96,500 on sale.


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