Governor who turned Tiruvalluvar saffron: Murasoli harsh criticism

Murasoli, a pro-Dravidian Munnetra Kazhagam magazine, has accused Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi of saffronizing Thiruvalluvar and defaming the ancient Tamil poet saint.

Thiruvalluvar Mr to the film Saffron dress put on respect Paid Ravi, of Thirukkural A couple too (He Written by Ethics, Politics And economic things And love About of couples Collection) didn’t read that has proved that ringtone said.

In Thirukkural as stated Divinity, separate reign to do BJP will use Divinity Not And always ringtone has said.ringtone Governor By Ravi turn off Destruction of trick used and coming, Vedic principles to depict Some couple Taxes selection and has been done said. Such people Never Society Tamil to support They will not, Society Tamil only to support They will not And always in it Further reported.

Chief Minister M.Ka.Stalin led by Rule, Governor R.N.Ravicum between Many Problems current is coming, in it One, March month Ex Minister Ka.Ponmudi Cabinet As a minister Inauguration. Asset transfer In the case Ponmudi on for punishment Supreme Court Prohibition impose, Three years Imprisonment stop put Next, Chief Minister M.Ka.Stalin’s request rejected, Ponmudi Position Oath to do Ravi He refused


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